DarkGass (detail). 2014, Kiln cast glass, video, ashes, wood, 6" x 4" x .4"


Artist Statement
Grounded in a practice of drawing, Young pushes the boundaries of line and mark making towards cut paper, cast shadows or smeared ash. She works with glass, roofing felt, ash, salt and light in experimental ways and layers meaning alongside materiality and process. In her installations, other worlds are accessed through the portals of mirrors, projected video and light. Referencing theater and literature, Young mines the psychology of spaces and memory, juxtaposing video of environmental events with architectural elements. Associations of nature and surrealism echo fairytales and horror films and these intersections reflect upon the construct of memory. Young's recent projects have responded to place and impermanence, using both the urban and natural environments as a framework. Transience/Sojourn, was developed from a trip to Yellowstone to film the regeneration of lodgepole pine after forest fire damage. Floor to ceiling scrolls of roofing paper were hand-cut by Young with scenes from the scorched landscape of Yellowstone. The scrolls recall German-style paper cutting and fairytales and are backlit with programmed theater lights. Lighthouse/Geist draws from the neighborhood of Young's southern Ohio studio where dilapidated houses, factories, cell and radio towers scatter the skyline. Young uses found objects, 3D printing and hand building to make small models of towers and house forms and creates shadow plays incorporating video, projection mapping and sound.