Get Well, 2016, installation and performance including metallic tinsel, medical equipment, metallic, mylar, mylar balloons, vinyl balloons, medical equipment, tube lighting, crystals, shells, paper, medical, scrubs, iPods and headphones, 20'x 15'x 12'


Artist Statement
Ritual, in its myriad and varied forms, is a central element to my work. I’m interested in how common everyday activities and objects can take on a ritualistic significance. I approach this theme by calling on personal experiences from my Cuban/Puerto Rican and Okinawan heritage. These ideas are explored through a range of media– installation, performance, sculpture, painting, video and beyond are all utilized depending on the project’s needs. My work often exists in unusual and hard to use spaces: an old pharmaceutical factory, a warehouse historically used to manufacture doors and an underused section of a public city park have all served as backdrops for my work. I aim to create a transformative environment and experience for the viewer. By inviting viewers in through one-on-one interactive performances, or offering a prompt whereby they are the sole performers, participants play a vital role in the work. Their experience, in effect, becomes the true piece.