Lyme’s disease, 2017, Machine embroidery on felt and tulle, buttons, beads. 12”h x 12”w


Artist Statement
Visual art offers the opportunity to reflect on the human condition and provides us with a way to transform our understanding. Making art and viewing art is a way of making sense of the world in which we live. As a female immigrant living in the “new” Trump America I am concerned with the aesthetic possibilities of technology and also the impact of technology on our lived experience. In a time of increasing reliance on technology it is the practice and study of new media itself, the aesthetic and philosophical concerns, that can clarify our position within the world. However creative technologies are more than just tools, they actually affect who we are and change the way we think as well as our relationship with others. I am interested in the influence of technology, on bodies and minds, and the possibilities of a transfigured consciousness and an embodied experience via the production and deconstruction of new media and material art works.
I employ a range of contrasting art-making techniques including traditional craft (i.e. women’s “decorative” work), such as embroidery, sewing and felt making, as well as animation, interactive software, digital video, visual effects and digital imaging. The combination of techniques is a deliberate strategy to blur the boundaries between art, craft and digital reproduction. This method of working could be classified as “post new media” i.e. a collision or coalescence between traditional and new media techniques. Recent projects that explore the territory between new media and materiality include Last Words, exhibited in Newcastle, Australia (Gallery 139, 2017). Companion Species as part of The Sew and So Collective, exhibited in Blacksburg (Armory Gallery, 2016) and Richmond V.A. (Artspace, 2016), 108: everything, nothing, infinity, exhibited in Maitland, Australia (Maitland Regional Gallery, 2014) and Roanoke V.A (Gallery 108, 2014).


Past Group Exhibitions:
Pow! New Paintings, 2017
Wish You Were Here, 2016