Barbara Roux, Snow Bird, 2014, Digital print of Roux's site sculpture, 13 x 19"


Artist Statement 
As an artist I deal with ideas about natural history, habitat loss and preservation. My work grows out of my personal involvement with natural landscapes and also stems from my actions to protect these wild places. 
Like the American Hudson River School artists I see the transcendental in nature. Yet as a contemporary artist I reflect on how intervention into fragile areas causes damage, struggle and change within these environments. In my photographs, sculptural constructs, drawings and narrative poems my engagement with a specific habitat niche comes through in a layering of experience. My process of creating a work is a ritual in itself. By documenting a transient event at a site, interpreting my personal connection to the place and presenting subtly altered elements from the location, I show my relationship to the topology of the land. If my work can show people the significance to preserving healthy native habitats I will feel I have contributed to the protection of these communities and the integration of people into them.


Past Solo Exhibitions: 
Happenstance, 2015
A Stand of Trees, 1994