Watercolors and Wearables: Danu, 2017, mixed textiles, two-sided watercolor, hardware, 24h x 18w x 5d in.


Artist Statement
In these works, I use a mixed-media language of sculpture, textiles, and digital photography to reflect on the social construct surrounding the body and how it manifests itself in art, feminism and technology. 

The Watercolors and Wearables embrace uncertainty as a positive experience for artist and collector by removing fear of failure and shifting ownership of art from product to process. 

In Texere, fashion that is filled with memory and meaning becomes a starting point for transformation, where risk is shared collaboratively between artist and clothing owner. 

In the Red Corset of Constraint, digital prints and historic paintings of the female nude are interlaced with an ad for a full body red corset from the 20th century. The layered images present the female body as a desirable possession and beauty as power, while the Narcissus digital prints hint at the dark side of beauty when it is driven by social politics.

Daria Dorosh is a co-founding member of A.I.R. Gallery, her work integrates traditional art with new media, fashion, and technology.



Past Solo Exhibitions:
The Art Of Sleep, 2015
Scraps And Shadows, 1998
The Digital Print, 1998

Past Group Exhibitions:
Four Weeks And Forty-Five Years, 2017
Women On The Line, 2017
Who Cares?, 2017
Limitlessness, 2017
Cooperative Consciousness, 2016
Wish You Were Here, 2016
Unframed, 2015
If These Walls... II, 2015
A.I.R. ReFreshed, 2015
Wish you were here, 2015
Wet Paint, 2014
If These Walls..., 2014
Pumping Up The Volume At A.I.R., 2014
8 at A.I.R., 1995
Works On Paper, 1995