Four Weeks and Forty-Five Years
Featuring  Rachel bas-Cohain, Christine Gedeon, Kazuko Miyamoto, and Tenesh Webber.


Kazuko Miyamoto, Nesting, Installation view at A.I.R., 1980

Kazuko Miyamoto, Nesting, Installation view at A.I.R., 1980


Curated by Roxana Fabius and Rachael Rakes

September 7 - October 8, 2017
Opening reception: September 8, 2017, 6-8pm

Public Programs
September 23, 3 pm: Conversation between Nova Benway and Tenesh Webber
October 1, 3 pm: Conversation between Rosario Güiraldes and Christine Gedeon
October 7, 3 pm: Artist talk with Kazuko at Galerie Zurcher

A.I.R. initiates its 45th season with a series of micro-exhibitions, each dedicated to a work or small set of works from a single artist who has been part of the gallery’s history. Running from September 7th until October 8th, each week will see the gallery reoccupied by a past A.I.R.-associated artist whose work deserves a closer look. Several discursive events will accompany the month of exhibitions.

A special thanks to Daria Dorosh.

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Photography by Sebastian Bach