Four Weeks and Forty-Five Years
Featuring  Rachel bas-Cohain, Christine Gedeon, Kazuko Miyamoto, and Tenesh Webber.


Kazuko Miyamoto,  Nesting , Installation view at A.I.R., 1980

Kazuko Miyamoto, Nesting, Installation view at A.I.R., 1980


Curated by Roxana Fabius and Rachael Rakes

September 7 - October 8, 2017
Opening reception: September 8, 2017, 6-8pm

Public Programs
September 23, 3 pm: Conversation between Nova Benway and Tenesh Webber
October 1, 3 pm: Conversation between Rosario Güiraldes and Christine Gedeon
October 7, 3 pm: Artist talk with Kazuko at Galerie Zurcher

A.I.R. initiates its 45th season with a series of micro-exhibitions, each dedicated to a work or small set of works from a single artist who has been part of the gallery’s history. Running from September 7th until October 8th, each week will see the gallery reoccupied by a past A.I.R.-associated artist whose work deserves a closer look. Several discursive events will accompany the month of exhibitions.

A special thanks to Daria Dorosh.

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Photography by Sebastian Bach