On the Other Side
Collaborative works by Patty Smith and Claire Fouquet


Patty Smith,  Golden Citadel , 2017

Patty Smith, Golden Citadel, 2017


Opening reception: September 8th 6-8pm

Throughout history, generations of migrants have created the geological and genealogical layers of our cultural and physical terrain. With the media currently focusing attention on international and national immigration, we are confronted with the barriers and obstacles that stand in the way of those who seek a better life. As we consider the suffering and triumphs of migrants, we can also reflect on the contributions made by newcomers to the layers of historical, cultural, and experiential landscape.

The exhibition On the Other Side: Collaborative works by Patty Smith and Claire Fouquet features work that probe this broader notion. Some images are layered landscapes strewn with obstacles; others offer the viewer a look into what lies beneath the surface. The work calls up the fear and the allure of the unknown, the possible consequences and potential rewards of navigating unfamiliar territory.

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Photography by Sebastian Bach