Fugitive Love Song
Dani Dodge


Dani Dodge,  Fugitive Love Song 1-51 , 2017

Dani Dodge, Fugitive Love Song 1-51, 2017


October 12—November 12, 2017
Opening reception: October 13th, 6-8pm

Fugitive Love Song documents Dodge’s 2016 guerrilla art project carried out in locations throughout Los Angeles and places she visited, including New York. For 366 days, using lipstick, spray paint, markers and printed flyers, Dodge surreptitiously (and sometimes shamelessly) spread a singular message: “# Just the way you are.” By distilling a potent message of affirmation through this iconic song lyric, Dodge used her public intervention to insert small, fleeting moments of joy into the otherwise chaotic tempo of everyday life.

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