Amagansett, 2017, Wax encaustic and digitally manipulated archival photo mounted on panel, 12 x 12 inches


Artist Statement
My works explore the perception of light as revealed through nuance of color, composing a space between the natural and the ideal. Changing transitions in color capture reflected memories of small moments in time. An environment of diffused light is created that remains minimal and abstract.  
These paintings are developed through numerous translucent layers of beeswax and resin.  The pigment is suspended, allowing light to permeate and become compositionally present. For over 20 years I have focused solely in working in this ancient technique of wax encaustic where elements are combines with heat as the active solvent. It is a slow process and allows a concept of time to be considered in the work. The paintings are organic: devoid of chemical materials. With beeswax, a quiet fragility is present that, for me, reflects the delicate state of our natural environment.


Past Solo Exhibitions:
Variations, 1995

Wish You Were Here, 2016
Currents, 1998
11 At AIR, 1996
Works On Paper, 1995