Jayanthi Moorthy makes paintings, prints, installations and video. Her works explore various aspects of personal and cultural identity and their contemporary interpretations. She derives inspiration from ritual practices and philosophies from eastern religions like Hinduism and Buddhism, which manifest in the themes that underlie her work, her choice of materials and method of drawing and painting.

Ritual guides her practice of re-drawing and using repeated lines and/or texts in her drawings and paintings. Moorthy uses ephemeral materials such as rice flour, sand, and spices in her drawings and installations. The drawings are made on the floor; abstract and intuitive. Some of these drawings are photographed to make digital prints or are combined with digital projections in installations. In her paintings she squeezes blobs of acrylic paint on linen and canvas into repeated lines that acquire the tactile quality of thick woven threads. All these are complemented by community driven participatory installations that enable viewers to take part in a dialogue with the artist.