The Lattice Fence
There was a fence with spaces you
Could see through if you wanted to.
An architect who saw this thing
Stood there one summer evening,
Took out the spaces with great care
And built a castle in the air.
The fence was utterly dumbfounded:
Each post stood there with nothing round it
A sight most terrible to see.
(They charged it with indecency)
The architect then ran away
To Africa – or –  Americay
Christian Morgenstern - 1905

(Trans. R. F. C. Hull)

My project “Compositions” revolves around a central paradox: the improbable freedom of expression in pure abstract forms and the disillusion of representing the simplest possibilities of reality through photographic representations.  To reconcile this paradox, I explore in painting the poetics of geometry and the poetics of representation through digital and print methods.  In my work there are places that I can see but not touch and spaces that I can touch but obscure recognizable imagery.  I propose a balance or merger of forms, patterns and representations that I experience everyday.  In this way, elements of abstraction and the production of contemporary images structure the way I experience the world.

My artistic process consists of alternating layers—some of the works have as many as 10 layers producing an overall sense of compilation, abstraction, representation and mood. The paintings are composed of abstract gestures and the ink removed from print and digital media images. The final layer is a compositionally syncopated grid referencing Mondrian, my home, and Manhattan’s architectural structure. The materials used are acrylic, vinyl, and ink.