Aimée Burg

Vault,  2012, Plaster, foam, acrylic paint, wood, gold leaf, aluminum tape, paper, Dimensions variable

I explore the relationship between speculative science and the safety in simplistic objects. I play with radically expanded or diminished elements until they become conspicuous.  In the same way, I may take a macro- or microscopic view of realities.  I build in a scale that is not small like a model but not large enough to be something concrete and real.  We have unprecedented access to information and communication, but profound uncertainty about how true or beneficial this information is.

The way I collect information is mirrored in the way that I produce it.  Any medium and technique that will get the result is what I use.  I try to make everything myself- from creating costumes for videos to milling down a two-by-four.  As well I generate a mixture of finishes, from something that looks machine made to something that could be a simple mess.

This system of evaluating facts can create humorous and conflicting ambiguities that exploit the unease of having too much information. Scientific truth is in constant flux and I construct “artifacts,” fictional-but-plausible, and allow people’s own doubts and contexts to influence their readings; making me as much a birdwatcher as I am a hunter.

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