Claudia Sohrens

Anarchive, 2013, Layered archival pigment prints, 17 x 22 inch, 2013

I explore different practices of archiving and photographic processes that are about creating rather than capturing. I investigate the concept of collecting cultural products and how aesthetic articulation in the photographic medium shapes the understanding of an event. Each chapter of my work takes a core sample of an archive, processed through zealous information gathering and organizing and composed into patterns of narratives and histories within, I emphasize the scars from use and the decay of the original and provide a source for nonmimetic, nonlinear conceptions of time and space.

The project Anarchive looks at the "Movement 2 June", SAK (Sozialistisches Anwaltskollektiv) and the death of the student Benno Ohnesorg that fueled political tensions in Germany in the 1960s. Rather than focus on German Terrorism merely as thematic content, however the work investigates the unreliability and subjectivity of the archiving process.

View the artist's exhibition here.