Fanny Allié

Urban Characters, 2014, Fabric and mixed media, 63 x 91 x 106 inches

Urban Characters, 2014, Fabric and mixed media, 63 x 91 x 106 inches

I am a multidisciplinary artist working in sculpture, installation, sewing and drawing. I question our relationship to our own body, the places we inhabit and the society we belong to. I conjure up current news, observations and experiences from daily life to create my pieces and installations, thus placing them in a specific and present-day context. The human figure, with a particular interest in its outline, is at the core of my work.

In my recent sewing work, I am assembling, superposing and intertwining various outlines of people that I photograph during protests, marches or simple street gatherings. My work tends to focus on people living on the margins of society.

In my practice, I have a strong interest in the handmade process. I have used several materials such as clay, fabric, wood, paper, plaster, copper tubing and metal. I have also been working with neon light since 2011. My site-specific work often transforms itself but it always revolves around the human figure and its trace.

I am drawn to public art, which is especially connected to the community. I have created various storefront installations and outdoor sculptures in New York City, New Jersey, Paris and Marseille (France).

In a series of public works, I have focused on the human body and its silhouette. By removing the center of the figure, I play with ideas of memory and the mark we leave on places and others. Bringing art to the community and enabling them to live together for a while intensifies in my opinion, the human dimension of art.

My work shows traces of a fleeting moment, an ephemeral existence and most of all, a narrative that links us to each other in our daily life.

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