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“My association with A.I.R. Gallery continues to this day because it is my research space. I believe that by challenging the old world patterns, feminist politics makes way for new ones to form. The 19th and 20th century is a critical reference point that informs my current analog/digital art and research.”


Questions about art as a tool for processing identity, with fashion as a framework for locating the body as a site for art form the core of artist Daria Dorosh’s practice. Dorosh has described A.I.R. gallery as a ‘research space’ for further developing the conversations that began within the women’s arts movement of the 70s. Dorosh, like many of her co founders, initially studied painting, before moving on to less traditional work. She would not make a complete break with painting however until the 1990s, at which time the internet, along with image manipulation programs such as photoshop fully captured the artist’s attention.

With the advent of this new technology, Dorosh began the shift to sculpture, video, and installation, putting forth some of her most notable works in the process. Her 2010 installation Jump-Off serves as a highly ambitious example of the artist’s intent to understand the relationship between digital and physical artistic environments. In it, she constructs a visual network illustrating the viscoelastic qualities of information as it passes between digital and tactile mediums.

In the piece, six ‘story rugs’ and six ‘fabric bundles’ are linked to video, sound, and text via QR codes. The experiment references and extrapolates on Dorosh’s written thesis Patterning: The Informatics of Art and Fashion in which she documents similar patterns arising from within both digital and art world culture. Replicating the emergence of these patterns within the gallery space allows both the artist and audience to gain a further understanding of technology’s impact on the relationships between art, technology, fashion, and the body.

Daria Dorosh was born in 1943 in Ukraine and moved to New York in 1950. Dorosh studied fashion illustration at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York from 1961 to 1963 and from 1964 to 1968 studied fine arts at the Cooper Union School of Art and Architecture. More recently, Dorosh gained her Phd in new media at the University of East London, and soon afterwards founded Fashion Lab in Process (FLiP), a company that aims to reinvigorate the retail space through new economic models that provide increased exposure for young designers, as well as a more stimulating environment for the public to engage with fashion. Dorosh’s honors include a Design Arts grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and a Sponsored Projects grant from the New York State Council on the Arts, Architecture, Planning, Design, amongst others. She continues to work both at A.I.R. gallery and her studio in upstate New York.


Website: https://www.dariadorosh.com/

Photo Credit: Judy Cooper

Photo Credit: Judy Cooper

Where to Find Her Work:

Library of Congress, Washington, DC, purchase, Print Collection

Lookout Sculpture Park, PA, permanent sculpture installation, "Barn Slide"

Brooklyn Museum, NY, A.I.R. Print Portfolio, Special Library Collections

Cincinnati Museum, OH, A.I.R. Print Portfolio, Dept. of Prints, Drawings, & Photographs

Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY, A.I.R. Print Portfolio, Prints and Illust.Books

Museum of Modern Art, NY, A.I.R. Print Portfolio, Special Collections, Library

National Museum of American Art, Washington, DC, A.I.R. Print Portfolio

National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, DC, A.I.R. Print Portfolio

Philadelphia Museum of Art, PA, A.I.R. Print Portfolio

University of Oklahoma Museum of Art, OK, A.I.R. Print Portfolio

Yale Museum, CT, A.I.R. Print Portfolio

Los Angeles County Museum, CA, A.I.R. Print Portfolio

Milwaukee Art Museum, WI, A.I.R. Print Portfolio